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Tips for Organizing Pop-up Events

Organizing a pop-up event can seem like a difficult task. The more experience you have, the smoother your event will run. If it is your first time running a pop-up event consider these tips. Preparation is key to running a successful event but it’s not the only thing.

Be Prepared

Over-planning is key. A pop-up is like opening a new restaurant every night; something is going to go wrong that you didn’t predict. You just need to be creative (and calm), to find a solution. The more scenarios you’ve planned for, the more easily you’ll be able to deal with the unexpected. You don’t want to let one misstep to

Setting Goals

Setting goals for pop-up events can seem difficult but it is something that needs to be done in order to measure the success of it. Do you want to make a profit from it? Do you want to get more followers for your social media? There are a number of questions you can ask yourself while you are planning your pop-up events. As terms of financially, you should strive to break even. Even though a profit would be nice, you want to have a good experience with your first event.

Find the Right Venue

Finding a venue for your pop-up event can always be a challenge. At Premier Pop-Ups we have pop up spaces available and you can find it by location. You will have an opportunity to speak with the property owner and see if the property is a good fit for your event. You don’t want there to be too much traffic around your venue otherwise, the event may not get as many people as you would like. You will also have to let the property owner whether you need any special licenses before booking your venue. We are a global provider of high-quality staffing solutions to agencies representing the world’s biggest brands. Experiential marketing agencies partner with us to build brand awareness through our people who educate, engage and excite audiences. With offices in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA we provide our clients with a level of comfort, trust and reliability that’s hard to find in this industry today. Event Staffing, Promotional, Hospitality, Models and Much More!