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3 Ways to Market your Pop-up Shop

Pop-up shops are excellent tools for promoting your brand but in order for your pop-up shop to be successful you need to market your popup shop or event. There are a number of different ways to market your event but here are a few strategies that may be helpful in promoting your pop-up shop.

Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways for you to promote your brand. By creating a unique hashtag to use on all social mediums such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, it will help you brand your event. Hashtags are a great way to see if your event will be popular or not. You can click on the hashtags and see if there are a flood of people talking about your event. Chances are if there are a lot of people talking about it, your event will be a success. If you do not see many people talking about it you may have to step up your marketing efforts.

Traditional Media

Although we live in a world where the internet is becoming the main source of media, there are still a number of different mediums such as radio, television and print ads to utilize. It would be a good idea to reach out to journalists and reporters to get the word out about your event.


This strategy will be pretty pricey compared to the previous two but it can be more effective. Influencers can help you expand your reach way beyond your initial target audience. According to Ad Week, having an influencer can increase engagement rates by 60% for your event. We are a global provider of high-quality staffing solutions to agencies representing the world’s biggest brands. Experiential marketing agencies partner with us to build brand awareness through our people who educate, engage and excite audiences. With offices in New York, NY and Los Angeles, CA we provide our clients with a level of comfort, trust and reliability that’s hard to find in this industry today.